Friday, 23 October 2015

BIGAB 15 – 19 Telescope

BIGAB 15 - 19 is one of the most proven and sold hooklift trailers on the market. Many are the customers who can speak about its reliability. At the same there has been interest in a BIGAB that can take different container lengths. A hooklift that can combine both short containers/bridges for contracting work as well as long ones for agricultural and trucking. BIGAB 15 - 19 T offers our users all in one. A flexible and versatile trailer. The exchange system is built with a telescopic tower which allows handling container lengths from 4600 - 6000 mm. BIGAB 15 - 19 T is as standard equipped with a hydraulic shift lock. The stable model 15 - 19 are now taking a step up and becomes by so the reliable link between our smaller BIGAB models and larger.

After 8 months of tough and intensive test driving it is soon ready for production. Order your BIGAB 15 – 19 T today and be the first ones on delivery in January.