Monday, 28 March 2016

FARMA – N (NIAB) is still in its best shape after 23 years!

Happy FARMA-N (NIAB) owner from Germany shared photos with us, how our model 5-15B is still serving him after 23 years of hard work. We are happy when our customers are happy!

NIAB has been a great forest tool for so many users over the years. Now NIAB will change name into FARMA-N, still the same great forest processor but just with an updated name that connects to our FARMA product line of forest cranes, trailers and processors.

The FARMA-N 5-15B tractor processor is an extremely versatile appliance and all foresters will appreciate its potential.

It improves capacity and boosts forest output by minimizing the are lost to strip roads. It will also handle the heaviest and most dangerous operations at very reasonable investment cost.

FARMA-N 5-15B is simple to handle, is reliable and easy to service. It is a sturdy machine that can manage anything from initial clearing to final felling of trees with steam diameters of up to 50 cm.

For further information about FARMA-N 5-15 C can be found here: