Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Based on our selling numbers: 2+4 valve solutions are the most popular ones in the market!

When combining valve solutions for FARMA cranes and trailers, there are some basics configurations and needs to be considered. The crane and trailer are two separate components but sometimes their configuration makes them connected from a hydraulic point of view. There can be total of 14 functions on a crane trailer combination. Confused about which valve solution would suit the best for your needs? 

Based on the selling numbers through times, the most popular valves has been „2+4 joystick/levers XY“. In case of this valves, two functions are shared on one lever (called X/Y), where the first „2“ means that you control 4 functions with this lever in a type of cross movement and 4 other functions simply pushing them up and down which gives you control of a total of 8 functions.

The drawback with 2+4 valves weights more than 20 kg, and could be quite clumsy to move in our out from the tractor cabin. A better solution then is to place some of the hydraulic function on the trailer or crane and control them electrically with buttons on the levers that you have in the tractor. The cables then run to the valves and open and close them „remotely“. This is what we call „2+4 joystick/el on/off, light weight “, which is the second most sold valves by FORS MW.  The valve is controlled with an electric switch, which allows smoother movements, as they enable you to adjust the speed by moving the handle more or less. 

Good news is that we have many different kind of valve solutions to offer. More information about our hydraulic components and functions can be found on our webpage We have dealers all over the world, so click on our dealer map section and  find the nearest dealer to you and ask them for further information.