Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Kairi-Liis - Our new HR manager!

About 7 months ago, Kairi-Liis joined our FORS MW team and she has been a great help and done excellent job. So we want to introduce her to everybody :

Hello all,

My name is Kairi-Liis and since March 2016 Im proud to be a member of FORS MW team. I joined Fors MW to work as an Office Manager, but fortunately, an HR managers position opened up and with enormous support from my dear collegues, I decided to accept the challenge. HR is my love and passion in worklife. I'm very grateful to FORS MW team for having such confidence and trust in me by giving me this awesome opportunity.

Before starting in FORS MW I worked as an Office Manager and HR-specialist for 6 years in construction material store. My work experience also consists of working in general building, metal, steel construction company and in an Embassy.

My education supports general Office Management and HR related tasks. I have bachelor´s degree from Tallinn Technical University and I have continued my studies there to get a Masters degree on Human Resource management.

All the best to Kairi-Liis, and if you also would like to join our FORS MW team, then keep your eye on our website http://forsmw.com/join-us and you could be one of us!