Tuesday, 22 November 2016

FORS MW welcomed a new valued member...

Today, FORS MW factory celebrated and welcomed our new tube and sheet plasma cutting machine.
We are developing together with the new technology and adapting it in order to make the manufacturing more efficient and smoother.
This new machine allows to cut 12m tube with max. diameter 400x400mm. Same time bevel cut sheet and tube, to support increased quality for welding technology. Also, the machine makes the drilling and tapping holes on sheet materials up to M16 possible much faster.

This machine helps us to increase the efficacy. Now some time-consuming and complex procedures will be done faster and with higher standard.

PS! MR EVOCON is helping us to become more efficient by uncovering the unproductive resources. We hope that the smile on MR EVEGON' s face won't fade away!