Tuesday, 13 February 2018

A man who first bought a z-crane and then a hooklift trailer

Last week our salesman Tim together with the dealer Bernd Bohne from Schaumburger Landtechnik visited a customer Andreas who received his new Z-crane Z8,0. First, he was thinking of mounting the crane on another truck but after receiving our z-crane he was so impressed of the quality and decided to order a BIGAB 12-15 trailer as well.

The best part is that this trailer is going to be at the Schaumburger Landtechnik's yard during its dealer days on 21st and 22nd of April, which makes it possible for people around Hannover to have a look at this machine before it will be handed over to the new owner.

Thank you Andreas for the trust, you have clearly made the right choice!

Letzte Woche besuchte unser Verkäufer Tim zusammen mit dem Händler Bernd Bohne von Schaumburger Landtechnik einen Kunden. Dieser hat gerade einen Crane Z8.0 bekommen. Er war sehr glücklich darüber und sein erster Plan war es, diesen bei einem MB Truck 1000 aufzubauen. Aber während des Gespräches entschied er sich, einen BIGAB 12-15 zu bestellen. Er war so beeindruckt von der Kranqualität, dass er keinen Grund dafür sieht keinen Anhänger zu bestellen.

Der soeben georderte BIGAB wird vom 21. bis 22. April auf den Händlertagen auf der Hof vom Schaumburger gezeigt.

Danke Andreas für das Vertrauen in uns, wir werden dich nicht enttäuschen und es war eindeutig die richtige Entscheidung.

Our dealer Bernd Bohne from Schaumburger Landtechnik on the left and on the right customer Andreas

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

FARMA-N makes it easy!

A true salesman knows how to operate the products he is selling! Swedish salesman Anders decided to take the camera to the forest to show how easy it is to operate FARMA-N (old NIAB) tractor processor and how much more efficient it makes your time in the forest.

Look yourself from the added video! 

Thursday, 1 February 2018

FARMA best sold trailer operating behind John Deere

Our end-customer Mike has multiple times shared videos and photos of our machines and here is another work-in-action video made by him. Mike is using the FARMA lumber trailer and crane to collect woods of which he is making different kind of wooden objects out of. He is very satisfied with the trailer he bought over 7 years ago from our dealer Kotschenreuther Forst-& Landtechnik.

Now he shared a video with us where the T9 lumber trailer with C6,3 crane is attached behind John Deere and where they are doing excellent work together. 

Thank you HWSkulptur for sharing the video with us!

Monday, 29 January 2018

BIGAB 10-14 found its home in Sweden

During the weekend a happy customer received his new BIGAB 10-14. Thank you for choosing BIGAB and also many thanks to Staffans Maskin AB for taking and sharing the photo.

A new owner of the BIGAB 10-14 in Sweden.

We encourage FARMA and BIGAB owners to send or tag us on social media on the photos where our machines are in a working mode. Over the years we have collected photos of FARMA and BIGAB machines of which some are over 15 years old, but still serving like it was bought yesterday. So if you have photos to share then send them to us at marketing@forsmw.com or through Facebook messenger so we could share them with everybody else! 

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

The Equipements Picken had a busy weekend getting the delivers ready!

If you have had in mind of buying yourself a FARMA lumber trailer and crane but have not yet made it to Picken's then you should hurry up because they just recently received a full load of FARMA forestry equipment.

If you happen to live far away and couldn't make it to visit their shop in Waterloo then make sure you will keep your eye on Picken's Facebook page where they announce if they are going to attend any of the exhibitions in North America and there you got to see the machines yourself!

Equipements Picken is getting the machines ready
after receiving a full load of new FARMA equipment

Thursday, 18 January 2018

What has happend with the BIGAB 10-14 sold in Agritehnica?

At the Agritechnica exhibition we sold a BIGAB 10-14 at the stand. After the exhibition the BIGAB machine found its way to the new customer. The new customer, in fact, had himself already one BIGAB for 19 years. Since he was very happy with the BIGAB he decided to sell the one he had and bought himself a brand new model from 2017. 

Our salesman Tim visited him and took some photos of the machine. We are always happy to hear from customers who have chosen BIGAB or FARMA machines and to receive photos from them. We wish many years with the new machine and thank you for choosing BIGAB again!

BIGAB 10-14 in Germany

BIGAB 10-14 sold in Agritechnica 2017.

Monday, 15 January 2018

Grapple Skidder 1000TM

Those who were visiting our stand at Elmia Wood last summer noticed our new products we have added to our range. Our Swiss dealer Wildtech GmbH has made very good photos of our new Grapple Skidder 1000TM which is a powerful tool for small and medium-sized tractors to get timbers out from the forest. As an extra option to the grapple skidder, we offer the FARMA winch RW600S that can be controlled via the tractor or via radio control.

Read more about the FARMA grapple skidder from HERE and under the section "Dealers" on our webpage you will find the nearest shop to you from where you can order one for yourself too!