Wednesday, 4 January 2017

FARMA C8,5 G2 in Canada

These photos of our FARMA crane and a forwarder were taken by the Picken´s Farm Equipment people from Canada. They wrote following on their webpage: "We're honored to have been asked to supply a crane for this impressive Entracon forwarder. Of course, the customer opted for the largest loader in the FARMA range, the C 8.5 G2. Fully extended, the tip of the grapple will reach an impressive 30 feet. It boasts 2 hydraulic extensions and over 1150lbs lift capacity at full reach.We wish many years of service to our customer David and thank him very much for his support and confidence."

Thank you Picken´s Farm Equipment for sharing the photos and good luck to the new crane owner and loads of working hours together!

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