Monday, 3 July 2017

FARMA in the Canadian news!

FARMA was represented at the Saw Tech Log Expo in Canada where our dealer Equipements Picken introduced the Northern America what FARMA has to offer.

A lot of people visited our stand, also did the local Ottawa TV news channel who was there to interview Brad Charby who works at Pickens Farm Equipment. Brad commented the outcome of the interview like this:"It was pretty cool because around the city of Ottawa, EVERYBODY watches that news channel. People were calling, family from that area were sending was crazy. 
People were coming to the booth to see which log Sarah dropped with the log loader. The whole thing was live-TV and I had no idea what she was going to do. It was fun!"

To see what Brad was meaning by dropping the log, look the interview from here: 

Next exhibition Woodmen’s Field Days will be held in United States in 18th to 20th of August in Boonville, New York. So be there and meet Brad yourself!