Wednesday, 9 May 2018

FORS MW is supporting the Champions

Fors MW Quality Specialist Risto Aasa has been working at his position already 3 years. He is doing  a very good job by ensuring the sustainability of the machines that Fors MW manufactures. Meanwhile, at his leisure time, he loves playing volleyball and apparently he is very good at it!

Currently Risto is playing at the team called Palivere SK, which became the Champions of  the Läänemaa Men Volleyball League. It is the second year in a row for Palivere SK to remain the champions, but this year FORS MW were honored to sponsor the team as well. Fors MW has over the past supported and sponsored several groups of people who are passionate about things they are doing, and in this case, the support had a greater impact. Volleyball in general is one of the most popular sports in Estonia and some people even say that this is our national sports, yet an unofficial one!

Congratulation to the Champions!

Palivere SK Volleyball team after winning the Läänemaa Men Volleyball League