Monday, 2 July 2018

Finnish dealer visit - a short video summary!

There are hundreds of dealers selling BIGAB and FARMA machine around the world and we are putting a lot of effort to bring our partners over to the factory so they could see the process of how the machines are built from scratch. Such events are also good to get straight feedback from the market and to hear what are the different needs and concerns when it comes to forestry equipment and heavy-duty vehicles.

This is exactly why we invited the Finnish dealers over. Approximately 2 weeks ago we welcomed them in the factory and the next day took them on the farm so they could get the feeling of operating the machines themselves. There were a lot of discussions going on about the market situation in Finland and great ideas were shared. Instead of writing a summary of the day we put together a short movie which says more than thousand words.

Thank you again for the visit Viita-Kone Oy, Konemyynti K. Kauppinen Oy; Jyväs-Maatalous Oy; Yrjö Tenkanen Oy; Vörå Maskin o. Traktor / Vöyrin Kone ja Traktori, Lakkapää Maatalous and Tommi Hakala from Koneviesti.

Group photo with Finnish dealers in front of the factory in Saue

A factory tour to show how the machine are built from scratch
People from Finland who would like to see the BIGAB and FARMA machines themselves, then in two days time you will have the opportunity to see the equipment at Okra Maatalouskone messut. Meet our salesman Tero there, either at Agri-Kymi Oy's (A-332), Lakkapää Maatalous' (E-275), Rentti's (A-1020) or Yrjö Tenkanen Oy's (A-107) stand.