Wednesday, 28 February 2018

First BT-8 in Germany!

Our dump trailers have a great success in Scandinavian market. We have sold over a years hundreds of units of BT-8 and BT-10 to Sweden and the following years promise to be even better. We see the interest towards the dump trailers also elsewhere than only Scandinavia!

Our salesman Peter Roos sent photos of the first BT-8 in Germany! A company called Sonntag was looking for something to attach behind an excavator, but the demand was it to be easy to handle and light weighted - so they found that the BT-8 meets their requirements and they choose it to be their greatest help during construction work.

We thank the Sonntag company for trusting us and choosing the BIGAB dump trailer, and also for sharing the photos with us.

BIGAB BT-8 in Germany

The first BT-8 in Germany