Thursday, 22 February 2018

It is always good to see our long-term partners visiting us here in Saue!

We had a special guest on Tuesday here in Saue. Our long-term dealer and good friend Helms TMT-Centret A/S's representative Jacob Helms was visiting us in order to discuss the future of BIGAB in Denmark. Jacob had a very good overview of the market situation in general and proposed good ideas how to make the cooperation even more efficient. Jacob also showed us what has changed in their business since they last time visited us 4 years ago - they have put much effort in becoming bigger in the local market and also to expand to other Scandinavian markets.

In marketing point of view, different topics were discussed in order to make the best out of the collaboration between us and Helms TMT-Centret A/S. Many good ideas were shared, and aims set for the near future.

Stefan, Jacob and Sulev in the factory tour in Saue

Jacob and Sulev

It was very nice to see you Jacob again after so many years!