Thursday, 29 March 2018

Another BIGAB landed in Netherlands

Another BIGAB landed in Netherlands. Groenvoorziening W.Kok previous BIGAB was 7-10 which served them for many successful years. Now, they decided to go for the bigger volume machine - BIGAB 10-14, with the loading capacity of 10 tons. Since gardening work requires a machine that has a good maneuverability and it must be reliable and easy to operate, then the BIGAB 10–14 is the model which meets the quality and equipment availability demands of the professional operator. Even though extremely flexible, because of its design, this trailer has maximum strength and rigidity in terms of deformation and twisting.

BIGAB 10-14 extra equipped with LED-lights

BIGAB 10-14 extra equipped with mudguards and mudflaps

BIGAB 10-14 in Netherlands

We wish many successful years with the new BIGAB for the new owners! To read more about the BIGAB 10-14 model, click HERE!