Monday, 19 March 2018

FORS MW at the career fair in Estonia

Fors MW has a strong belief of learning from practice. Every year we offer trainee positions for undergraduates so they could learn while being practically involved and see how things work in real business life. In many occasions, trainees continue working with us and this is the perfect win-win situation we are aiming for! 
The annual Career Fair Võti Tulevikku was held at TTÜ on the 7th of March 2018, and this event is the perfect opportunity for us to meet the under- and postgraduates who are interested of entering the machine building business!

Our Human Resources Manager Kairi-Liis commented the day at the fair: "The interest towards our stand was a bit dull comparing to last year. We believe the reason was that most of the students there were either interested in something at IT or Constructional Engineering field. But, overall, we were on the picture as future employer to young generation, and this was our biggest goal! Hereby I am taking the opportunity to say thank you to all the participants and also to our marketing department for arranging all the materials for the fair."

AS Fors MW stand at the career fair "Võti Tulevikku"