Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Successful conference in Poland

Our dealers are very active of taking part in different kind of exhibitions and conferences, where they also are presenting our machines.

Last weekend Saturday our Polish dealer PPHU SAMET Grzegorz Dziejka attended a conference for Forestry Services Company (Konferencja dla zuli - pokazy i wystawa maszyn leśnych) in Przasnysz.
At our dealer PPHU SAMET Grzegorz Dziejka's stand two FARMA trailers could be seen - the smaller trailer T6 equipped with the 4,2 long crane and the other was market's favorite combination of T9 trailer with 6,3 long crane.

Despite of the bad rainy weather there were many people attending the exhibition and visiting our stand.

The feedback of the conference from our dealer point of view was great. They spent time discussing important features of FARMA trailers with potential end-customers. The FARMA trailers are very valued in Polish market and customers know that we do not come to terms with lower quality - through innovative thinking we reach the point where all our customers' needs have met.
It was first time when SAMET attended Conference for "ZULi" hosted by "Gazeta Leśna", and they are already planning to attend the next one!